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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) use for Infrastructure Inspection needs, Component Condition Monitoring & Maintenance Planning

Recently, we see that Infrastructure Companies have increasing interest to understand the possibility of using UAVs for their inspection needs, Component Conditions monitoring, Maintenance Planning, Security Inspections, etc. This is a very promising emerging market awaiting proper rules and standardization.


Welcome to the site of Israel's CIGRE National Committee

CIGRE is an open forum for all industry professionals, staging numerous events where participants can expand their knowledge base and discuss new developments and innovations, while building a network of colleagues. The CIGRE Biennial Session, is held in Paris, France in even number years, bringing together some 3,000 international attendees. Around 400 papers, focused on the association’s 16 fi elds of activity, are discussed. Symposia, are held in odd number years, in various countries where CIGRE is present, focusing on specific subjects of topical interest. Other regional meetings and colloquiums are held to discuss issues specific to a country or region. CIGRE is also committed to the development of engineers of the future and holds tutorials during many events aimed at less experienced engineers, to educate them and stay in tune with the industry. CIGRE membership is open to all individuals, companies and organisations wishing to join our professional network. For individual members ; whether engineers, specialists, academics or researchers ; CIGRE provides a unique opportunity for personal and professional development:

  • Access international expertise and leadingedge techniques;
  • Develop and share your technical expertise;
  • Up to date information on the latest technology and industrial techniques;
  • Tap into industry trends;
  • Meet your counterparts;
  • Understand international approaches to the environment, legislation and regulation.
  • With CIGRE membership, you will build your industry profile, better promote your company, and develop your professional network. For collective members, who consist of legal entities, administrations, public or private companies, industrial and/or commercial character, scientific organisations, research institutes, educational bodies, etc., CIGRE fosters professional and technical development in myriad ways:

  • Learn about global issues and perspectives;
  • Be part of a unique network;
  • Understand different cultures and knowhow;
  • Access a wide range of technical information at a reduced price.
  • CIGRE contributes to the personal and intellectual development of all its members. With CIGRE membership you will benefit from a higher international profile and visibility within the electrical power industry.