Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) use for Infrastructure Inspection needs, Component Condition Monitoring & Maintenance Planning


Like the first CIGRE – Israel Seminar on this subject (2015) this is also an one-day event that aims to bridge that gap by delivering an educational seminar program revealing the important stages within the UAV “journey” including topics on the various types of UAVs available for those kind of missions, matching the best UAV for the task at hand, how to plan a survey, making raw data usable and end user specific applications. In a broader context, mission and trajectory planners must yield acceptable low-cost solutions for single UAVs or coordinated teams operating nominally or, worst-case, in non-optimal, “unfriendly” or uncertain environments – such as Overhead Power Lines, with degraded performance characteristics. Under a new paradigm, humans are "on the loop" rather than “in the loop”, thus de facto “mission managers” and “theatre commanders” armed and supported by an array of computational tools. These tools are now capable to acquire and accurately summarize mission-critical information for human supervisors while providing the underlying infrastructure that plans and executes missions in accordance with specified high-level directives. This particular seminar will enable its attendees to gain a thorough insight into this fast moving market by meeting face to face with UAV producers, commercial suppliers of dedicated UAV equipment, IT infrastructure and Government Agencies (Regulators) and hearing directly from Infrastructure Industry speakers, UAV producers and Service Providers who are using this exciting technology. Why Attend - Gain a direct insight into this fast emerging market - Meet with UAV product and service providers - Explore the potential of UAV systems as a viable option for your projects - New methods and Instruments - Ideal for those in the research stage of understanding the benefits for all Infrastructure Industry representatives (Water/Gas/Oil/Electrical Utilities, Transport – train, roads, agriculture this technology can offer. Seminar Topics - UAV Platforms and Payloads: experience with choosing the right UAV for the right mission - Case Studies: Drones in Israeli Agriculture missions, critical Utility Assets - Data collection and handling: How to plan and undertake a survey, making raw data usable, cost implications, hardware, safety / cyber and other IT issues. - Advanced pay-loads: performing new cameras, multi-spectral cameras with application - Simulation for civil use tenders pre-qualification? - Power Line Companies needs for Inspections: Vegetation Management, Component Conditions and Maintenance Planning, prioritization and optimized results. - Inspection Service Provider’s POV: demonstrating capabilities for UAV based inspections, comparison with traditional methods and helicopter based inspections. - Panel: Israel Aviation Authority POV on civil UAV inspection flights in Israel. - Panel: Future challenges span further than the obvious tech leaps, but touch the core nature of modern infrastructure designs. THe program could be a subject for last minute changes. Please click "more" below for additional info.